NOCTURNA ~ Bat Cuff Bracelet


IMPORTANT: Read description for sizing!

Fun facts: In different languages, "Bat" translates to "Butterfly of the Night," (Maltese) Night Demon" (Transylvanian) "Flutter Mouse" (Germanic) and "Naked Night One." (😂 ) (Albanian)

What better than to have your own personal Night Demon on your wrist?

Pick between Black with Copper (Oxidized Copper) Black (Oxidized Copper) Silver Plated Brass, or Raw Brass.


These measure small, 4.75” from wingtip to wingtip, and cannot be lengthened.

They do not reach all the way around the wrist. They will fit up to a 6” wrist. Measure by wrapping a cloth tape measure around your wrist, or wrap a piece of string around your wrist and then measure that!